For whom?

Dutch Classical Talent is a 18 month long Tour period for talented young classical musicians who study or have studied at a Dutch conservatory. Four winners follow a coaching program and play thirteen concerts in the most important Dutch concert halls.


The candidates cannot be older than 28 years at the time of the audition, except vocalists. For vocalists the maximum age limit is set on 30 years. The average age of members of an ensemble cannot be over 28 years.

Solo or together?
Candidates can sign up as soloist, duo or ensemble. By soloist we mean an instrumentalist without accompaniment. Vocalists can apply as soloist with accompaniment (age accompanist under 40) unless they present themselves clearly as a soloist through their program. A program with lied-repertoire is categorised under duo. By duo we mean two instrumentalists or a vocalist and an instrumentalist. By ensemble we mean a fixed formation of three or more musicians. An ensemble consists of a maximum of six musicians.

The candidates must already study for a Masters’ degree at a Dutch conservatory or have obtained their Masters’ degree at a Dutch conservatory or a conservatory abroad.

At the time of applying for the auditions, candidates with a foreign nationality must have studied at a conservatory in The Netherlands for at least two years or have already obtained their Masters’ degree at a Dutch conservatory. For ensembles at least half of the musicians should meet this requirement.


Find the required documents and further information for your application here.